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    The 4 things you shouldn’t miss out on in Madrid

    Madrid is a city that has so much to offer that sometimes one trip doesn’t always cover everything you hope to do. However, if you go with something in mind and follow this list of 4 things to do during your visit to Madrid (especially if you’ve never been before), we’re sure you’ll go back home happy and excited to go back and experience it all again. The following suggestions are for all preferences so, no matter who you’re travelling with, enjoy!

    A vermouth in La Latina

    Heading out for a vermouth in any Spanish town is fun and interesting whether it be with friends, your partner or even the kids. However, having a vermouth in Madrid is practically part of their weekly ritual. In the La Latina zone and now in many local pubs and bars in Lavapiés, it’s normal and trendy to eat something before Saturday lunch. Here, you’ll find everyone is out in the streets laughing and having fun.

    The tapas are delicious with the best ones being: Russian salad, Andalusian calamari, cured cheese, cuts of Spanish ham, croquettes, sirloin and patatas bravas. Nowadays the variety is infinite with a range of tapas and pinchos (small aperitifs) for vegetarians and children.

    The Triangle of Art

    If you’re a fan of art or even if you don’t have the remotest idea, the Triangle of Art in Madrid is worth a visit. The El Prado museum is one of the most recognised museums in the world, with one of the best and fascinating collections of works from every century. A visit of some of the halls or high-quality temporary exhibitions should be enough (as you could spend days exploring the whole museum).

    For those who prefer contemporary art, the Reina Sofía or CaixaForum are the perfect choices for you. Temporary art exhibitions take the lead in both these centres. Innovative artists from all over the world have left their stamp here. Also, these centres are always hosting interesting events and workshops for adults and children.

    Have a picnic in Buen Retiro Park

    Put aside time to visit this green paradise of Madrid. You’ll get to appreciate the lake, boats, walkways, places to relax, impressive glass palace (where you can sometimes find art, sculpture and photography expositions) along with the most incredible ambiance in all Madrid, especially if you’re visiting with the little ones.

    A theatre production

    Or a stand-up comedy show, opera, musical or live concert. If you go to Madrid you have to take advantage of the biggest benefit of this great capital: that the programme of events is relentless, so much so in its cinema premiers as in its dance performances and other lesser-known stage disciplines. In Madrid, you can find options for all preferences and ages.

    The only thing you should keep in mind is that the better you plan your trip and the sooner you book event tickets, the better off you’ll be, as tickets in Madrid either tend to sell out fast or become expensive quickly. With that being said however, there are many things worth doing that are free like music performances in small bars or concerts by lesser well-known groups that will surprise you with how good they can be.

    In terms of accommodation, if you want to enjoy Madrid in 4 days, the best thing to do is opt for a centralised hotel which is well-equipped and from which you can access all the historic points of interest in Madrid. Some of the best for this are: the Petit Palace Puerta del Sol hotel (just next to the emblematic zone where the bells are rung for the end-of-year celebration) and the Petit Palace Alfonso XXII (next to Buen Retiro Park).

    Being an entrepreneur in the food industry requires special skills!

    Magazines are a part of the social media and it plays a major role in determining the effective way of living. There are various magazines that deal with different sectors of life of an individual, but the magazine that provides various facts and information related to the food and the health of an individual are more important. And it is very useful to people as the need for health maintenance of an individual is increasing steadily.  One of such magazine that deals with food and health is edible Austin. It is an independently owned and a bi-monthly publication that deals with the various food cultures in the region of Texas. They provide vital information related to eating and the growing of various food products, and it greatly helps people in accessing information about the best dining locations, and the restaurants that are popular among people, and they also provide information on the food festivals and events, and the latest food products available in the food market.  They also provide various ideas for establishing domestic farms for cultivating various crops and other food products. They also publish articles that contain the information onthe famous personalities in the food industry that helps people to get a clear view on the entrepreneurship for owning restaurants and food farms and their methods that made them popular among people. One of such would include damianmandola, who is an excellent chef and a co-founder of Carrabba’s Italian grill.

    Restaurant and the winery!

    Being popular among people is not easy as people think it is! It requires a refined set of skills. And when it comes to cooking, the taste of the food plays a major role in determining the preference of the people. Everyone would love to taste different food items at least once! And the best way to do that is to get it from the nearby restaurants. There are various factors that determine the preference of the restaurants.  One among such factors would include the taste of the food products; the taste of the food products depends on the culinary experience of the professionals.  Thus, it requires additional skills to become an entrepreneur of such restaurants. And damian mandola is such a person who is the co-founder of the Carrabba’s Italian grill an American restaurant that serves Italian-American cuisine and also owns a winery and possesses vast experience in the field of food services. His restaurants are known to be the best places to taste the best Italian recipes.

    All about polo clubs and why you should choose one

    Nowadays, it is a trend for people to enroll themselves in some kind of club activities. Whether it is a reading club or a fashion club, people love to be engaged in any activity that will help them grow their talents. There are many polo clubs in many countries today that are good enough for everyone to enroll and participate in many of the polo events conducted by them. If you are interested in polo then it is high time you enroll in any one of the clubs in your locality.

    Who should enroll for polo activities?

    It is not that only polo players should enroll for polo clubs, anyone who is interested in spending some quality time playing a good and interesting sport is eligible. There are many clubs that will even give you good lessons related to polo and other associated games. Some activities include playing and spending time with your family and friends too. This is highly appreciated, especially if you are stuck up with a stressful life.

    Playing polo not only enhances your chances of relieving the stress, but also guides you with the right techniques in playing. Some players find it very interesting to get in touch with others in the same field and spend some quality time with them. This also proves as a platform for exchanging tips and tricks about the game. Sometimes, you may find it tough to enroll your kids in some kind of activity that is not only refreshing but at the same time informational too. A thorough understanding about this game and its associated activities will help you choose it for your kids.

    Some clubs are well equipped with all kinds of accessories to suit the needs of the players. Some resorts are clubbed with polo activities to enable people who stay there to spend some time playing polo. These resorts also organize a lot of events associated with the game and they are quite popular too. Researching the internet will give you a lot of ideas about the polo business and how to go about it. It just takes a few days of your time to get enough information about such activities.