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    Dubai, modernity and development in the Middle East

    When anyone talks about Dubai it is inevitable not to think of its high skyscrapers, streets, huge shopping centres and the sea of light laid bare in the middle of the desert like a lighthouse of modernity and flashiness. The United Arab Emirates considers it the big capital of innovation and progress with it being an exquisite centre of business and leisure. Discover its hidden secrets simply by wandering and browsing through its different districts and neighbourhoods.

    Dubai, located in the north of Abu Dhabi, is one of the worldwide names for progress. From being a tiny population in a lost corner in the middle of the humongous desert, this is now a lost memory. Nowadays, 2 million people, as well as the 15 million tourists who come to visit the capital every year, cover the 1.500 km2 of surface space of Dubai, now one of the 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

    Walking along its main streets is like attending a luxury parade on an extended scale and in 3 aspects: BMWs, business executives, business executives in designer clothes heading to the office, covered in accessories and jewels that take your breath away, in addition to shoes you can’t help not wanting to wear for fear of damaging them. There is also a lot of rush and stress that always goes along with a big capital city but, if you think about it objectively, you will see this is nothing compared with the business industry of the big European, Asian and North American cities like Madrid, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai. It is said that Dubai is a business capital in which you can relax in.


    Hotels in Dubai are the best example of the way of life in this capital, known as the most luxurious establishments in the world.

     This is sure and can be understood if you look at its entirety: the city has grown due to the superior business men and women who like to boast about where they want to stay; where they want to be and where they want to live. From the grand windows that reach far up to the infinite sky, there are places where comfort is religion. The hotel industry is the most outstanding of all: hotels with rooms bigger than the double your house; restaurants with panoramic views of the city, the sea and the desert; spa centres that open up onto amazing rooftops only a few metres below the clouds and  shops in which to get lost in, where you can find practically everything you could imagine.

    One representation of progress and development in particular that stands on a pillar of luxury and Baroque glitz is The Palm, an ensemble of artificial islands designed in the form of a palm tree on the Persian Gulf. They boast something about them that leaves people stunned, whether by up above or down below, they are like a dream that you have to make yourself believe is real. Be welcomed by one of the largest hotels in the world, Atlantis, which combines classic Arabic style with a combination of cutting edge services, capable of making you feel like the richest sheikh in the world.

    However, apart from these great giants of tourism, you will also find more modest hotels. In reality, they are like the grand luxury hotels that can be found in Europe or the United States but better. Some are located in the heart of Dubai Creek, in the zone known as Bur Dubai like the Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, Hyatt Regency, which offers exclusive apartments or Park Regis; all very close to Dubai Maritime City.

    The financial strength of Dubai cannot only be seen in tourism, even though it is a very important source of income, with more coming in all the time, but in its general GDP, which has been non-stop growing to a steady rhythm of more than 3% over the last decade, establishing a high purchasing power in this capital. Petrol, construction, real-estate management, aviation (which represents only 30 of its GDP) are the sectors that uphold the capital. Exported to India, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and largely imported from China, the United States and the United Kingdom

    Life is comfortable with a renovated cultural commotion that grows around business tourism and high season with an active diary of events from Western customs to the most rooted traditions. Eclectic and, above all, exclusive, leisure in Dubai is very urbanized and sophisticated. Restaurants are a part of this element, as well as shops and boutiques; trendy local bars for experiencing the nightlife and areas for practicing sports; beach and nature…

    Planning your holidays in Dubai requires a certain amount of time to find the right accommodation. A good hotel is crucial for enjoying this part of Dubai, which has a relation to these types of establishments, the spaces they offer and the services they invite you to enjoy. Before booking it is advisable to consult the photos of hotels in Bur Dubai, Jumeirah or Deira; review the services that each one offers thoroughly and analyse the quality to price ratio. In general, the rates are quite reasonable. Search for signature chains in the hotel sector as they are always a sure guarantee. Some recommendable examples are the previously-mentioned restaurants of the Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa and the rates per room offered by Hyatt.