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    5 Must Visit Places

    5 Must Visit Places to Eat in Mallorca

    There is so much more to the Mallorcan cuisine than the faux-European tourist offerings. A visit to this beautiful island is the opportunity to sample delicious Mediterranean food with a distinctively Spanish-island style. Ignore the seafront tourist restaurants serving a full English or spag bol and try these establishments instead. The island is small and with car hire Mallorca can be easily traversed. This makes all of these places reachable for holidaymakers to the island.

    El Olivo

    If you’re in Mallorca to celebrate a special occasion such as your wedding anniversary, and want to treat yourself to a really special meal, head to El Olivo. While it may be a budget-buster (you’re likely to spend at least €100 per head), it will prove to be a memorable meal. The chef is local, so are the ingredients, and the setting gives you one of the island’s best views. If you want to enjoy a meal that will give you delightful memories long after you’ve left the table, El Olivo is a must.

    Santi Taura

    If you’d love to try fantastic food, but the prices of El Olivo are out of your range, Santi Taura’s tasting menu could be right up your street. For €37 you get 3 starters, fish, meat and dessert, meaning that you’re sure to end up satiated and happy. There is no à la carte menu, so if you never know what to choose you’ll enjoy having the tiresome burden of picking a dish lifted from your shoulders. Instead, you can enjoy the exciting tasting menu.

    Celler Sa Premsa

    Much more budget-friendly is Celler Sa Premsa, where you can taste typical Mallorcan dishes like sobrassada (pork sausage) or soups. Diners who prefer a lighter meal (ideal for older people who may have smaller appetites) can opt for a set menu with a choice of two starters and dessert for just 9.75€. A starter, main and dessert will cost just €12.75. With a drink and bread included in all set menus, this really is a bargain. There are also plenty of seafood dishes and a handful of vegetarian dishes.

    Es Ginebro

    Finding somewhere to eat can be a challenge for vegetarians, and vegans have an even harder task, so restaurants like Es Ginebro are a real find. As a bonus, the dishes use organic ingredients, proving that dining out doesn’t have to equal eating unhealthy food. Indeed, the owner even uses ingredients from his own garden – you can’t get much fresher than that! The restaurant is also family-run, so if you want a pleasant atmosphere this is your place. Even the bread and desserts are home-made!

    El Gallego

    If you want ingredients fresh from the market, head to El Gallego, where you can enjoy a wide variety of fish and seafood or meats. There are also set menus, but if you want a wider choice you can opt for a selection of tapas (when in Spain, you have to try tapas!). With a wide selection of wines, you’re sure to end your meal satiated.

    Quina Creu

    It’s all about the atmosphere at Quina Creu, which will provide you with a truly memorable dining experience. This is no stuffy restaurant, but a bistro where you can be as outrageous as you like. It’s a fantastic place to celebrate a birthday, or just get together with friends who also have a taste for the unconventional. Food, music, friends and fun, to sum up Quina Creu.