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    sushi while breastfeeding

    To Know About The Food Which Is Best On Pregnancy And Breast Feeding

    It is most important for every pregnant woman to consult their doctor about their food habits. Most of the foods are good for health but some foods are not good for pregnant and breast-feeding mothers. It is most necessary for each mother to eat the healthy food where they can get more vitamins and minerals. If mother consume the best vitamin and mineral it will goes to baby through their breast milk. During the feeding period it is most significant for the mother to enrich the baby’s milk. Many mother like to lose their weight after pregnancy and they like to become slim but they need to take good food for the sake of baby. Breast milk is the most essential one for baby and it is necessary for mother to take the food which is good in minerals and vitamins, magnesium, calcium and potassium.  Mothers can take food which is rich in calcium, minerals and it is good to avoid the raw food like meat and sushi.

    Food that need to avoid

    Many people like to eat sushi but it not good to eat raw sushi while breastfeeding. It is better for the breast feeding mother to consult with the lactation consultant those who have good knowledge about the food items. In raw fish there is chances of formation of parasites and it is not good for pregnant and breast feeding mother. It will harm the growth and development of the baby. And in sushi the mercury level is high which will affect the nervous system. Some time the mercury level in the sushi will cause danger to mother like indigestion and diarrhea which will affect baby. They can eat the cooked sushi and frozen sushi. While eating sushi they need to see the mercury level in that. It is best for the breast feeding mother to choose the restaurant where they can get instant frozen sushi. And they can eat well cooked sushi. Breast feeding mother can eat sushi which cooked and instant frozen. Before taking sushi they need to know about the mercury content in it.