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    The fado rhythm in Lisbon with Travel2be

    Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, is one of those cities that, when you arrive, you immediately fall in love with it. Its soul is sad, even grey, but it has something that you will get with you the rest of your life.

    Something similar happens with the most famous music style in Portugal, the fado. If we want to know something more about it, we must travel to the past, concretely to the first part of the 19th century. If we have to define it, it is like a mourn, that can almost talk about everything but that is something unique for the public that almost every night decide to go to any of the many places where you can enjoy a concert.

    And that’s what Travel2be wants to show us: The main places where you can enjoy a fado concert. This online travel agency is expert in flights and hotel bookings, but you can also find the possibility of a car rental if you need it or even travel insurances.

    Where to listen fado

    There are many establishments that will offer you the possibility of discovering the fado cadence, but, together with Travel2be, we want to talk about the best ones:

    Clube de Fado is one of the most popular restaurants in Lisbon if you want to enjoy the best Portuguese gastronomy while you enjoy the music notes of the fado. The truth is that it is not a cheap option, but in terms of reputation, if you can, you have to try to get introduced to this music style here. Moreover, it is located very near the Cathedral, in the Alfama area, so after it, you can take a walk in one of the most historical areas of the Portuguese capital.

    Tasca do Chico is another of the typical places to have a drink while you are a witness of the Portuguese singer art. The main advantage of this place is that you don’t even have to book before. The entrance is free and you just have to pay for what you drink because it is a bar, not a restaurant.

    These are just two alternatives, with different prices, to arrive and discover this music style, the one that will help you understand why Lisbon is a unique destination to travel to. Portugal is a country to get in love with.