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    Gitgit Waterfalls-A Great Destination In Bali, Indonesia

    Bali’s Gitgit water resort could be a stunning tourist destination in north part of Bali in Indonesia. Gitgit falls situated within the plateau area with the height about thirty five meters and it is encircled by tropical tree and emits the constantly natural water debit throughout the year. The waterfall voice around the charming nature was wonderful and it had been the separate attraction which can be enjoyed by every traveler who comes to visit. There are some plantations protecting the rain forest round the falls and in this place people regularly meet the wild monkey to induce the water from this falls. Gitgit waterfalls are one among the noted tourist destinations in Bali that is found in Gitgit countryside, Sukasada sub district and about ten kilometer from Singaraja town or about seventy kilometers from Denpasar. It’s set at height land above three hundred meters on top of water level.


    Great Monument That Should Be Missed

     Beside of Gitgit, there is another vital spot just like the monument for hero struggle of Singaraja resident who dead on the battle against the Dutch colonialist. This monument is named Bhuwana Pangkung Bangka. This Monument is existing monument and idol of individuals struggle action against the Dutch colonisation. This monument is found in Gitgit countryside and Sukasada sub district and about seventeen kilometers from Singaraja town .It is located on the Hill bank. The facilities are accessible at Gitgit falls is consisted of the parking lot, building and art shop. It’s not far from the falls place and there’s an area for taking a rest while to enjoy the sweetness panorama of rice terrace and Buleleng Beach. So as to go to the Gitgit waterfalls, all guests can follow the path down the hill. This road is one among the omissions in Dutch era wherever the native resident uses it to access different regions.

    On 1975, this falls is opened as tourist destinations in north part of Bali Island.  Since it is appointed as a traveler destination in Bali, several tourists from domestic and foreign countries visits this falls and Bali North Tour is one of the notable tours in this fantastic island
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